Coupon API Pricing

iconColor-smallBusiness.pngStage of Life Merchant Network Coupon API pricing is simple...

1) 1x set-up fee:  $2,750

This set-up includes IT time/assistance and five (5) customized Coupon API feeds of offers from our list of 40+ categories.  Additional packages of five feeds can be turned on for an additional 1x set-up fee of $250 per 5-feed package.

View list of 40+ API categories

NOTE:  Individual merchant offers can be turned off or on in your specific API feeds. If your program requires more customized work and set-up, we're happy to assist and will work with you on a custom set-up package price.

2) Monthly fee:  $350+/month

A flat monthly connectivity fee is billed based on number of members or users in your program...

  • 1 - 100K members: $350/month
  • 100,001 - 1MM members: $500/month
  • 1MM+ members:  Per Proposal


New Coupons Added Each Month

Your Coupon API feeds will automatically update with fresh offers as our team works to add new merchant brands to the Stage of Life Merchant Network each and every month...collectively strengthening both our network and your program.  There are no additional fees or costs as new partners are added to the program feeds.  This is a benefit of using the Stage of Life Merchant Network API.