Coupon API Solution


profile-onMyOwn.jpgThe Stage of Life coupon API solution contains 100's of direct partnerships with national, U.S.-based brands offering up coupons and discounts between 5% and 50% off for your members.

The coupons in the Stage of Life Merchant Network are stored in Stage of Life’s  merchant offer database.  This database of discount offers and coupon content can be easily accessed through a simple REST API returning an XML feed for your agency or in-house developers to pull content into your membership, loyalty, rewards, or employee recognition program or mobile app.

You Pick the Coupon Content

iconColor-music.jpgThe offers in the Stage of Life database are flagged in a variety of ways via our “tagging” system, through which we can set up tailored API coupon feeds that correspond to segmenting offers into particular buckets to help meet your specific marketing and business objectives, i.e. Entertainment Offers, Student Offers, Small Business Offers, Mobile-Friendly Offers, In-Store Offers, Family Offers, Shopping Offers, etc.

Our clients can choose if they want to pull in all of the categories (and offers) through our Coupon API, or if they want to exclude certain categories, or even particular merchants.

Either way is fine.  You select the coupon content appearing in your feed. 

DealoftheDay_small_icon_color.JPGWe will then customize your Coupon API feed to your organization.  This makes the discounts and coupons appearing in your program relevant to your end user, thus increasing your program engagement and member loyalty.

At the end of the day, simply know that the Stage of Life Coupon API solution can be completely customized to meet your program needs.

Coupon API Categories

profile-college.jpgStage of Life maintains national merchant offers in four main groupings with over 40 offer categories, giving you the ability to customize your Coupon API to make it the most relevant to your users. 

1) Coupons tailored by Life Stage 

Our participating merchant partners help us code each discount and offer in our database to the life stage most appropriate to their brand and the audience they want to reach…

  • profile-wedding.jpgHigh School
  • College
  • On My Own (Singles)
  • Wedding
  • Married Couples
  • Home Owners
  • Having a Baby
  • Raising a Family
  • Grandparents
  • Empty Nest & Retirement

2) Coupons Tailored by Merchant Category 

iconColor-shopping.jpgEach of our merchant offers is also coded into the Stage of Life Merchant Network database by traditional merchant category.  We support offers and coupons across a wide range of over 30 industries and categories, and we can add custom categories too.

Our core Coupon API categories include:

  1. iconColor-foodcourt.jpgApparel
  2. Auto
  3. Babies & Kids
  4. Beauty
  5. Best Deals:  20% or better
  6. Books
  7. Car Rental
  8. Cruise
  9. Dining
  10. iconColor-knowledge.pngEducation
  11. Electronics
  12. Entertainment
  13. Fitness
  14. Flowers & Gifts
  15. Gift Cards
  16. Grocery
  17. iconColor-homegrown.pngHealth & Wellness
  18. Home & Garden
  19. Hotel
  20. In-Store
  21. Mobile & Internet
  22. Mobile-Friendly Offers
  23. Music & Movies
  24. Night Life
  25. Outlets
  26. iconColor-music.jpgPets
  27. Photo
  28. Recreation
  29. Services
  30. Shopping
  31. Small Business
  32. Sports
  33. Theater & the Arts
  34. iconColor-tickets.jpgTickets & Events
  35. Travel & Cruise
  36. Custom categories by request

We do our best to keep active offers and coupons in each of these categories.

3)  Coupons tailored by Generation

profile-retirement.jpgDo you have an audience that's primarily in one generation?  No problem.  We can set up your Coupon API to pull in offers from the Stage of Life Merchant Network tailored to that speicific generational audience…

  • Gen Z (today’s teens)
  • Gen Y (Millennials/Echo Boomers)
  • Gen X
  • Baby Boomers

4)  Coupon Offers Segmented by Discount Richness

iconColor-shopping.jpgThis categorization of offers in the API includes segmentation starting with offers and coupons valued from less than 5% off to offers valued to +30% off.  The each offer in the Stage of Life Merchant Network receives one of these categoy tags so you can display offer richness categorization in your loyalty, rewards, or member benefit program.

  • Up to 5% off
  • Up to 10% off
  • Up to 15% off
  • Up to 20% off
  • Up to 25% off
  • Up to +30% off

dealsOfTheDay-color-logo.jpg5)  Daily Deal Coupon API

Stage of Life LLC codes one offer in its database to appear as the "Deal of the Day" so any client can specifically have a fresh offer automatically appear in a daily feature spot in their program.

6)  Your Custom Coupons or Offers

iconColor-services.jpgIf you have additional coupon offers that you've sourced and want to include in your program, we can incorporate those offers into your API feed for a one-stop-source of all your program's coupons and discounts.  This could include...

  • Offers or coupons from local merchants relevent to your program or audience footprint
  • Coupons from special business relationships
  • Discounts from strategic partnerships
  • Etc.