API Coupon Spec

Configuring the Coupon API   

iconColor-membersOnly2.pngOnce the web service is configured for a client and an API key provided, the Stage of Life Merchant Network offer data can be retrieved any time using open standards.  The web-based REST API uses the Get method and returns utf-8 encoded XML that can then be readily manipulated using standard tools.

Client API Key URL and feedID:  Your customized url(s) and feedID will be provided upon contract signing.


The XML feed includes the following fields about each offer...

  • <MerchantID>
  • <MerchantName>
  • <MerchantLogo>
  • <MerchantImage>
  • <MerchantDescription>
  • <Title>
  • <Redemption>
  • <OfferType>
  • <OfferData>
  • <TermsConditions>
  • <StartDate>
  • <EndDate>
  • <ID>
  • <Category>



The XML feed fields are defined as follows:

  • <MerchantID> = GUID for each Merchant (Generic Unique ID)
  • <MerchantName> = Merchant Name
  • <MerchantLogo> = Link to logo image
  • <MerchantImage> = Link to 2nd image (lifestyle image) if available for the merchant
  • <MerchantDescription> = Short company description
  • <Title> = Offer Headline, e.g. “$5 off $25”
  • <Redemption> = Promo Code (if one is required by the merchant)
  • <OfferType> = The type of offer, i.e. a file (coupon artwork for in-store offers) or link (web link for online redemption)
  • <OfferData> = The actual coupon image file provided to Stage of Life by the merchant (jpeg, gif, png or PDF) or url link that serves as the redemption point
  • <TermsConditions> = Specific terms and conditions provided by the merchant for their offer
  • <StartDate> = Starting Validity Date of the Offer
  • <EndDate> = Ending Validity Date of the Offer.
  • <ID> = 32 bit GUID (Generic Unique ID) associated with each individual offer in the database.  This is helpful for clients who need to have Stage of Life direct the API feed into their loyalty agency's database for further massaging of the coupon content.
  • <Category> = Offer category tags, e.g. “Apparel”


Coupon Categories:

Category tags are included in the API, but Stage of Life can also set up individual API feeds based for each required merchant industry, Life Stage, or Custom Category as required by the client's coupon program.  This allows flexibility for the client (and its agency) to direct individual coupon feeds tailored by category or life stage to specific areas within a loyalty or rewards program.

Validity Dates for Coupons: 

Stage of Life automatically turns off any offer in its clients’ API feeds that reaches an “EndDate”.  In this manner, Stage of Life keeps its merchant network clean of expired offers or inactive codes, links and coupons, thus ensuring a positive end-user experience for the offers you're using in your program.